Welcome to another week of Thursday Thoughts. This week I share an update on my new gardening hobby, and a check-in on the newest Chief Content Approver at Made of Words.

Trying My Hand at Gardening

Growing up, my grandfather was an amazing gardener. Every year, he planted rows of tomatoes, corn, green beans, squash, and zucchini. He also kept blackberry bushes, strawberry plants, and fruit trees. Sadly, he didn’t pass those natural “green thumb” abilities on to me. I am pretty sure I can kill a houseplant by looking at it.

Despite this, I adore all plants. I have always been interested in trying to grow some veggies and herbs, but didn’t really have the space, time, or bravery to do so. I’m very fortunate to have more room at our house now, so I gathered up my courage, and took the leap.

Getting Started

Rather than start from an established plant for my tomatoes, I decided to get going from seeds. I’m sure it would have been easier to plant established seedlings, but if it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing, right?! I also made the decision to go with smaller variety of tomatos that can thrive in pots. Since I wasn’t very confident I could keep the plants alive, I wasn’t ready to commit to a full raised bed or garden quite yet!

Transplanting Into Pots

Once the seedlings were a few inches tall, I started placing them on our porch, out of direct sunshine, for a few hours each day. I was hoping to avoid shocking them once they were placed outside permanently. After quite a bit of research and reading great blogs on growing tomatoes in pots, I chose fabric pots for my seedlings.

The pots stayed in our garage for a little while – Kentucky went into second winter for a bit and outside was too cold!

They’re Growing!

Now look at them – they are growing! Well, the tomatoes are anyways. For some reason, my pepper plant isn’t quite as big, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed it will pull through. If you have any tomato or pepper plant tips, please send them my way. I’m feeding them organic Miracle-Gro every 7 days or so, and making sure they are well watered. I’m hoping we get some tomatoes in July. Keep your fingers crossed!

The tomato plants are getting bigger every day! One is a Roma variety, the other Cherry.

6 Months Feels Like a Lifetime

June marks 6 months that Arwen has been a member of our family. But, to be honest, it feels like much longer. It feels like she was always meant to be a part of our crew. She certainly has had Isaac wrapped around her tiny paw from day one, and has become my ever present companion as I navigated a life-altering career change. We adore her whole heartedly.

And Finally

In 19 days, we’re taking our first, large scale trip in a very long time. I’m super excited to visit with our amazing friends at Merlin’s Hide Out, and to spend some time in the mountains. It’s been especially gloomy and rainy here this week, so here’s a photo to inspire us all with sunshine and beauty (and a friendly moose). See you soon.

Isaac and I at the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center in the Grand Teton National Park