My brain is often like a hamster in a wheel. It runs, and runs, and runs, rolling through ideas and passing thoughts. Sometimes those ideas and thoughts seem like great blog pieces. Then I realize they are too short, too random, or too small for a full blog. Rather than push those ideas to the side, I’ve decided to turn them into Thursday Thoughts. These posts will be whatever is “top of mind” that week or day, or whatever ideas have popped up that I find interesting to share. Without further ado, here’s Thursday Thoughts for May 27, 2021.

On Being Introverted

I am an introvert. Yes, I work in a very public facing job that I love. Yes, I enjoy hanging out with friends and playing games. However, those things don’t restore my energy, rather they slowly deplete it. The Oatmeal drew this amazing comic that pretty much sums it up.

This really isn’t news to anyone. There is a ton of research out there on being introverted versus being extroverted, what that means, and how to talk to others about it. So, why is this on my mind? Simple – we should be better at acceptance of quiet places, quiet time, and restoration for folks like me. We should be better at normalizing breaks, time away, and seeking out what creates personal peace.

This week, I am especially thoughtful of this. It’s a holiday weekend in America. Lots of folks have extra time off this weekend, and that usually means gatherings. In fact, I’m hosting one for a small group of our fully vaccinated friends to eat good food, play great board games, and reconnect with one another.

Just remember there is no weakness in needing to recharge, in needing space and time, and in reflection. Don’t be afraid to share this with the important people in your life. I will be, and so should you. Together, we’ll take steps to make it as normal to be quiet as it is to party.

cat on bed
Arwen Recharging

On Traveling Again

I am very excited for an upcoming visit back to the Grand Teton National Park, and our very first visit to Yellowstone National Park. At the end of June, Isaac and I will be traveling to WY to visit with a few Sprucely Designed clients, and will spend some time in the parks. We last visited the Tetons in 2019. It was just the change of season then; the mountains were still covered in snow and the lakes were frozen. I’m looking forward to visiting in the summer this time around.

It still feels a bit strange to be planning a trip. Isaac and I are very fortunate to be fully vaccinated, so traveling finally feels obtainable again. We’re still taking steps to be as safe as possible, and will continue to wear masks in public and crowded spaces. But, at the same time, this very small step “back to normal” feels so very monumental. Stay tuned for more on the trip in July.

And Finally…

Final thought for this Thursday – find something to love as much as Elladan loves this chair.