Welcome to Made of Words. I’m Rebekah, and I’m the Chief Wordsmith here. My husband, Isaac, and our three cats, also make appearances as Chief Photographer and Web Expert, and Chief Content Approvers respectively.

Rebekah & Isaac at Grand Tetons
Isaac and I at the Grand Teton National Park

About Made of Words

During the day, I work for an information technology advisory group focused on higher education. Three years ago, Isaac created a digital agency, Sprucely Designed, that helps members improve their online presence and eCommerce stores. You could say that our working hours are varied, to say the least.

We love to spend our free time hosting friends, playing table top games (and video games), and traveling as much as we can (once it is safe to do so after COVID).

Made of Words is the digital home for sharing our journey together, in an effort to reach others who might also love the same things. Sometimes, in order to make the most sense of what is happening around us, a few words, written on a page, can make a massive difference.

Thanks for reading along!

About Our Content

You can expect posts from Made of Words to be focused on a small set of categories:

  • Surviving Small Business Ownership – follow along as we navigate owning a digital agency, Sprucely Designed.
  • Travel – Isaac loves photography. I love going places that make beautiful photos. We both win!
  • Tabletop (and Video) Gaming – semi-regular game days occur at our house. Learn about some awesome games and join our shenanigans.