This week some thoughts triggered by my social media memories and a tomato update. And of course, cat pictures.

A Year Ago Already?!

On a couple of days this week, my social media platforms have reminded me that exactly one year ago, we were heavy into our house build. It’s been wonderful to reflect over some of those memories, and look back on the process. I know several people who have lived through a custom house build, and some of them don’t have fond memories. It probably says more about us that we enjoyed the process more than some of our friends!

It’s really hard for me to believe this was 12 months ago. It feels both like this was just yesterday and so much longer. Granted, by now I would sworn to you that we’d have all our pictures hung, furniture organized, and 100% unpacked. Spoilers – none of that is true!

I will say this, building a house taught me more patience, grace, and flexibility than I ever thought I was possible of. It also taught me that there is no defined “pace of life.” There is no set time to your journey. And that is 100% ok.

Tomatoes Are Coming!

A few days ago a tomato milestone arrived – blossoms! I am so excited to see these budding. Of course we’re traveling next week, so naturally our first tomatoes will probably show up then. At least I have a great caretaker who will make sure they are harvested if need be!

Tomatoes Are Coming!

Obligatory Cat Pictures

What would a Thursday Thoughts post be without cat pictures? Today, I put a new box on my work desk. I think Elladan approves.

Be well and we’ll catch you all again soon!