The artist Moby famously sang “we are all made of stars.” While I don’t disagree, I like to think we’re all Made of Words, too. Think about some of your favorite memories; whether those are amazing travels, simple days at home with friends or family, or even short snippets of time, they can all be stripped down to a sequence of words. Here, in my small space of the internet, I hope to share with you, my life, made of words.

What to Expect

With Made of Words, I want to share with you some of my passions and favorite things.  I’ll focus on sharing posts from a few specific categories.

Surviving Small Business Ownership

In 2017, my husband Isaac founded Sprucely Designed, a digital agency, that supports small businesses with eCommerce and marketing. I maintain the company budget and assist with long-term financial planning, and generally support Isaac in whatever ways I can.

As anyone who owns a small business knows, life becomes a small rollercoaster once you delve into self-employed territory. From time to time, I’ll share some tips, tricks, or advice I encounter as we navigate our small business adventures.

Travel Tidbits

When we are able, Isaac and I enjoy traveling. His ultimate travel bucket list includes National Parks, while mine includes some visits across the pond and to places warm and sunny. As we trek along, I’ll share planning ideas/tips, trip reports, and of course, photos.

Tabletop and (Some) Video Gaming

By far our biggest hobby, tabletop gaming is a major passion for Isaac and I. In fact, our game library is now in one of the biggest rooms in the house, and might be the best organized too! We host game days often, and I love sharing our gaming experiences (not to mention the food we make).


In addition to this content, you’ll often see our three cats – Arwen, Elrohir and Elladan (yes, named for Lord Elrond’s children in The Lord of the Rings) – make many appearances. These three furballs are always into what I’m doing, and would be very sad to not be included.

When to Expect Content

My goal for Made of Words is to post bi-weekly. I won’t promise that I’ll never need more time, but one post, every other week, is the plan.

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