Recently, I updated my “Year In Retro” post to add some thoughts on the passing of 2020. I wish I had profound things to say about leaving 2020 behind, but at this point, I’m glad to have it in the rearview. So, what’s the 2021 plan? What are my goals? My aims? My hopes? I want this year to be a year of renewal and rethinking.

2021: Goals

There are moments in life that provide you perspective. 2020 was a year full of those moments. When I sat down to think through my goals for the year, I knew I wanted to refocus on things that mean the most to me.

  1. Write More
    • In 2019 when I launched this blog, I had grand plans of bi-weekly posts and had so many ideas in my mind for content. Two job titles, and a pandemic later, I had lost sight of all my creative outlets. In 2021, I want to renew Made of Words, and feed my right-brain. I also want to grow my skills and better support the clients of Sprucely Designed.
  2. Welcome New Hobbies
    • Now that our house is finished, and I have more yard and space, it’s time to embrace my love of fresh vegetables! I’ve started some cherry and roma tomatoes, some sweet bell peppers, and a handful of various herbs. I’d love to start a raised bed garden!
  3. Worry Less
    • I know, I know. This goal isn’t that measurable or trackable, but it is something I want to be deliberate about. I am very much a high-functioning anxious person. I work hard, I am efficient, and I always plan ahead. On the flip side of that, I over think things, and worry often. I want to develop ways to work through the worry, and reduce those feelings.

Hopefully 2021 will prove to be kinder to my goals than 2020. Thanks for being along for this journey, and reading along. Be sure to follow our socials to know when new posts go up!